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Hi, I have been editing a video for you this weekend. It takes me a…

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I have been editing a video for you this weekend. It takes me a while because I am still learning how to do the whole video-editing thing. The video was actually taken last week at Jake's office. I was running errands around town and wanted to stop by his office for a little snack. I talk him into letting me suck and sit on his cock. Jake also gives me one hell of a facial in the video too. The first spurt of cum hits the corner of my eye and then shoots off to the side - it is really awesome. After that happened Jake continued to plaster my face with cum. This video is 15 minutes and 54 seconds long and you will enjoy every minute of it :-) Just go the VIDEOS section of my web site and the movie is called "Allie Visits Jake's Office For A Quickie." I would love to hear what everyone thinks about it.

I also have a live cam show tonight at 9:00PM Eastern time. I expect everyone to be there - lol. I would love it if all of you came by to see me. If you can't make it tonight I have three more live shows this week at various times of the day that you can see. I am also going to add a few more live shows to my schedule so everyone has a chance to see me. Wow, my pussy is really going to get a workout. My live cam shows can be found in the LIVE CAMS section of my web site. Just click on the link to the show for today at 9:00PM. I can't wait to see you and please speak up when you're in the chat room. I want to say hi to you! Take care!

~Kisses, Allie
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