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Hello all! Last night Jake and I seen a movie called "Anger…

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Hello all!

Last night Jake and I seen a movie called "Anger Management." It was a cute movie but it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. I was wearing the skirt that I wore in my last photo shoot last night with no panties on underneath. During the movie I was getting a little horny (when am I not horny? lol) and I wanted to get Jake horny too. I got Jake's attention because I wanted him to see me place my hand down my skirt. I started to run my fingers up and down my pussy lips and think really dirty thoughts. Jake was just watching me enjoy myself. My clit was my next destination so I just rubbed my clit over and around with my fingers. I was so wet. Jake slipped his hand up my skirt and put two fingers inside of me. We were so smooth because everyone around us had no clue what we were doing. While Jake was fingering my pussy I was rubbing my clit. It's so exciting doing things you're not supposed to do in public and wondering if you are going to get caught. Suddenly my body started to tingle and I was trying to hold in my moans. With only deep breathing I came. It was amazing! Jake was so turned on that when we finally made it home he had to fuck me with his hard cock. My night turned out to be a really awesome night.

I am working on a video today for the site and I will try to have that up for you tomorrow. It is going to be good and you're going to get off watching it - I promise!

Have a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow!

~Kisses, Allie
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