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Hi everybody! I'm working as usual and in about an hour I am on my…

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Hi everybody!

I'm working as usual and in about an hour I am on my way to the gym. Yesterday when I was working out I notice a really hot girl looking up at me every time I looked her way. I thought it was just a coincidence that we glanced at each other the same times. Through my entire workout she kept starring at me. Before I became such a sexual person I never realized that so many girls were bisexual. It puts a whole new twist to flirting. How do you come on to another girl especially if you are not sure she is bisexual? Anyway, it's exciting trying to find out if people are into you. Maybe I should try to focus on working out rather than checking out the hot bodies at the gym - lol.

I really hope everyone made it to my schoolgirl show yesterday. I had a lot of fun playing dress-up. Tonight I have another live cam show and I'm sure I will be getting some real cock. I had to go solo yesterday so I didn't get my daily facial :-( I also wanted to let you know that I'm trying to add another live cam show so now I will be doing four live shows a week. I think I will have the show on Thursday nights or maybe the afternoon and it will be on the SexCam Central network. So be on the lookout for me! You know how to get there. Just go to the LIVE CAMS section of my web site and click on the Wednesday, 9:00PM link.

I will see you tonight at 9:00PM Eastern time, be there with your lube ready!

~Kisses, Allie
  • Finally saw your web-site, quite impressive though. Lucky Jake.....I bet he realizes how very lucky he is.

    The pics of the orgy was awesome...those women were amazing!! Sure wish I can jump into the scene.
    • Re:

      I'm glad you liked my site. Making the pics of the orgy were so much fun. Yes, all of the girls and guys were super hot. Thanks for the comment!

      ~Kisses, Allie
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