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Hi, My family is about to arrive and I think I have everything…

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My family is about to arrive and I think I have everything spotless in my home. I don't see my parents very often so I'm really excited about seeing them. Another thing I like about holidays is the food. I love to eat, especially sweet things like candy and cake. I hope my mom has baked something yummy for me to indulge in.

I'm excited about my cam show on Monday. It is with a new cam network so I know it will be fun. I hope everyone will come to watch me at 9:00PM Eastern time. Just go to the LIVE CAMS section of my web site and click on the link to that particular time period. Also, on Tuesday I will be dressing up as a schoolgirl for my 2:00PM cam show so please don't miss that. It should be a lot of fun. I can be a naughty schoolgirl.

I have to go now but I will be back tomorrow. Have a Happy Easter!

~Kisses, Allie
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