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Hello All! The beach was a blast yesterday. The water is still cold…

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Hello All!

The beach was a blast yesterday. The water is still cold so I didn't get to take a dip but I did get a little sun on my body. I really hope that it is nice next week so I can do it again! I love looking at all the hot half naked bodies on the beach. It is really arousing fantasizing about fucking hot strangers or imagining Jake fucking some of the really hot girls on the beach while we watch each other. Yes I know I am a naughty girl but I can't help it and I don't want to help it!

I have the new video up for you today and I hope you enjoy it. I have named it Allie & Hunter Do The 69 and you will find it in the VIDEOS section. It is my girlfriend Hunter and I playing on the bed. I think we make a great couple! Her tits were so awesome and fun to suck on. You will see some 69 action and a lot of pussy eating in this video. This video is 10 minutes and 27 seconds long and you will notice how Hunter and I really are into each other. I love bisexual women! Jake video taped us and he told me that he could tell that we were really into each other because we acted like he wasn't even in the room. I think he wanted her pussy too. Maybe next time Jake :-)

~Kisses, Allie
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