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Hi! I went out last night to the movies and had a really nice time.…

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I went out last night to the movies and had a really nice time. The movie was "Basic" starring John Travolta. It was an okay movie. I think my favorite thing about going to see a movie is the Gummy Bears candy. I always have to have them and sometimes two boxes of them. Yummy! Anyway, that is what I did last night. Now I need to go to the gym to work off all of those Gummy Bears and the bag of Popcorn that I ate - LOL.

I am working on another video today I hope to get it up by the end of the day. So take a look in the VIDEOS section. If I don't have it up today I will definitely have it up tomorrow. It is a very hot video that features Jake and I swapping with Shelby and Shane. You will remember Shelby from the threesome pics of me, Jake and Shelby. Shelby's husband joins us for this video and it was a great time. Shane fucks me hard with his big cock while Jake pounds Shelby right beside me. We were lucky enough to find a volunteer to videotape our fun so the camera angles are awesome. The video ends with cum all over Shelby and I! I know that you will really like this video.

I have to work on the video now so keep checking the web site for it.

~Kisses, Allie
  • So there's no jealousy when you swap partners at all??
    • Re:

      Hi Finch,
      A great relationship is built on trust and that is what Jake and I have. We know the difference between love and sex. All of the couples we swap with have to have a secure relationship before we consider getting together with them. Sex is fun and we are very sexual people and love to explore. Jealousy has never been an issue with us. Life is too short for jealousy.

      ~Kisses, Allie
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