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Back From Cancun!

Back From Cancun!

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Hey guys,

Jake and I have been recovering from our trip to Cancun. All I have to say is a lot of crazy girls and guys hang out there!

I’ve discovered a fun thing to do in my past time. It’s poker! Don’t worry I signed up to play only for fun and not money. It’s really cool but I’m new to the game of poker so I’m still learning. If you play on this site: Click here for the PARTY POKER website then look me up so we can play together. My screen name is “NaughtyAllie”. I’ve been on a lot lately so you’ll probably find me there! HA! :-) Anyway, I thought you guys would enjoy it as much as me. You all will probably kick my ass but that’s okay because I’m getting better. :-) Thank God it’s not strip poker or I would be naked!

Have a great day everyone and I’ll be looking for you at the poker table!

~Kisses, Allie
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