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I've Added A New Photo Set For You Today

I've Added A New Photo Set For You Today

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Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great day. I’ve added a new photo set for you today and it’s really juicy. I think that you will find the close-ups to be very hot! As always I want to know what you think about my photos so email me or leave a comment in my journal with your thoughts. The new photo set is called Jake And Allie Play With Seska
Here is a little preview pic:
seskaallie (109k image)

I’ve made the photos even larger this time; I’m still experimenting with the size. Jake seems to like it when you can see the entire picture without scrolling even if the picture is smaller. On the other hand I’m wondering if some of you guys would prefer to have the picture larger even if you had to scroll to see the entire picture. Right now, I’ve got the picture sized so that if you view them with your screen resolution set at 1024x768 you should be able to see the entire picture without scrolling. What do you guys think? Please let me know if you are able to view these pictures in this latest set without scrolling.

Also, I wanted to mention that I was interviewed by a web site not too long ago. This web site is very popular with the swinging community. They did a really big write-up on me and I would love for you guys to check it out. The web site is Eroticy.com and it’s another great place to meet other singles and couples to play with. You do have to register with them to be able to view the article. It’s free and they don’t even ask for your credit card number (and that is always a nice thing). You will find the article under the link “Porn Star Q & A” on the side of the page. Yes, I know I’m not a porn star but that is where you will find it. Let me know how I did :-)

Have a great day everyone and I will talk to you tomorrow!

~Kisses, Allie
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