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New Photo Set!

New Photo Set!

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone that left a “Happy Birthday” wish in my journal and emailed me too! You guys are so sweet and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I started this web site to share all of my sexual adventures with everyone that might be interested. I never thought that I would meet so many great people and make so many friends. I know I haven’t met most of you guys in person but I feel like I have. Thanks for being so great!!

Okay, enough emotional talk! :-)
I’ve added a new photo set for you guys today. I’m sorry it took me a little longer than usual getting it up but I have an excuse. I mentioned yesterday that I was adding a slideshow feature with the photo sets so you would have your hands free while checking out my photos. I had to figure out how it works and fit it into my web site layout exactly how I wanted it. I’m very anal about paying “attention to detail” and sometimes it takes me a long time to do things that takes most people no time at all. I think it’s good to be that way and I hope you guys agree with me.

The slideshow has a start/stop button so you can turn it off if you want to navigate through the photos yourself. Once you click on a photo in the gallery the slideshow automatically starts. The photos change every six seconds. Let me know if six seconds does the job for you. I always ask for Jake’s “guy” opinion on things like this and he seems to like the six seconds. I’ve also made the photos bigger than I usually do. I also would like to know what you think about that too! You guys have no idea how important your feedback is to me so please email me or leave a comment in my journal letting me know your thoughts :-)

The new photo set is Three Busty Blondes Fucking.

Here is a sample pic:
pinklingerie (52k image)

Talk to you tomorrow!

~Kisses, Allie
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