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Hello All

Hello All

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Hi all!

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.

Last night Jake couldn’t sleep so he ended up working in the office all night. I was left in our big bed all alone. I’m not sure why but I started running my fingers up and down my pussy lips. They were so soft so I just kept doing it until I could feel my clit getting harder and harder. I knew I was alone so I could make as much noise as I wanted and Jake couldn’t hear me. I opened my legs wide while I continued to massage my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter so I slipped a finger inside myself while I rubbed my clit with the other hand. I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular but I was anticipating an awesome orgasm. I pressed the finger inside me up against my favorite spot and rubbed my clit harder and harder. The closer I got to an orgasm the faster I massaged my clit. I started breathing really hard and I was getting so hot but I didn’t want to stop until I climaxed. All of a sudden I could feel my finger being squeezed by the walls of my pussy. I started to moan quietly while a warm pulsing sensation ran through my body. It was unbelievable. I wish it could’ve lasted for hours but of course no one is that lucky. I rolled over on my side and quickly fell asleep. I love orgasms :-) I hope you don’t mind me sharing my exciting night with you.

Have a great day everyone and I will talk to you tomorrow!

~Kisses, Allie
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