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Fun Time Shopping!

Fun Time Shopping!

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It is much nicer outside today than it was yesterday :-) Jake and I just returned home from doing a little shopping.

The craziest thing happened to us while we were out. I was in my favorite store trying on a cute little outfit. I needed a different size shirt than I had taken back to the fitting room with me so I asked Jake to go and grab it. While I was trying on a few other things Jake knocked on the door so he could hand me the shirt. I opened the door and Jake slipped into the dressing room. If this was a busy store I wouldn’t think anything of it but we were the only customers in this little boutique. I asked Jake what was he doing and he just grinned at me. He slid his hand up the cute little skirt I was trying on and I immediately let out a little moan. I was so turned on that I forgot about Jake and I being the only customers in the store. He pulled my body close to his while playing with my clit. My hand found its way into Jake’s pants and I found a very hard cock :-) The thrill of trying not to get caught had my juices flowing. I managed to slip Jake’s pants to his knees and then I sat on the little bench in the dressing room. I wrapped my lips around his hard cock and started sucking. It was so quiet in that store that I knew we were going to get caught. Jake grabbed me by the ass and picked me up so we could trade places. He sat on the bench and positioned me over his cock. I slowly slid up and down his cock. Before I started fucking Jake faster the sales associate knocked on the door asking if everything was okay. I told her we were fine but it was so hard not to bust out laughing. Jake grabbed my hips and pulled me into his cock harder and harder each time. We were so quiet. The only thing you could hear was his cock slamming in and out of my pussy. I grabbed a hold of the back of his neck while we continued to fuck. Suddenly, I could feel my body getting tight. I knew I was about to cum so I leaned over to Jake’s ear and whispered that “I’m going to cum.” As I started to cum I could see the look in Jake’s eyes and I knew he was cumming too! It was an amazing feeling. Believe it or not I didn’t make a sound while I was cumming. I think it made the orgasm more intense trying to hold it in. I hopped off of Jake’s cock and just started to laugh. That was great! After we got ourselves together I knew I couldn’t face the sales associate so I decided not to buy anything. We tried to leave the store without having to engage in conversation with the store employees. After we made our way out of the store we laughed so hard. That was awesome.

From now on Jake has to accompany me shopping :-) I know he can’t stand shopping but maybe if he knows he is going to get some pussy he will. He definitely will go if I’m going with some girlfriends!

I hope everyone’s day has gone as great as my day has. I will see you in my live cam show tomorrow night at 9:00PM Eastern Time. Take care.

~Kisses, Allie
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