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Hello Everyone! I have so many things to do before I leave tomorrow.…

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Hello Everyone!

I have so many things to do before I leave tomorrow. I have to pack, workout, shop, get my nails done, work, clean the house and I have a cam show tonight at 9:00PM Eastern Time. We are leaving for Kansas City tomorrow. I know this weekend is going to be so much fun :-)

I have a great video that I’m adding today! I know you have checked out the orgy photo set on my web site, well, I’m adding the video from that orgy to the web site today! The orgy video turned out to be so long that I had two split it into two parts. The part I’m adding today is 15 minutes long and it is so hot! I will add part two after I return from Kansas City. I’m warning you the video is extremely arousing :-)

I wanted to also let you know since I will be out of town Wednesday through Monday night I will not be able to perform my live cam shows this Thursday and next Monday. I’m so sorry I will be missing the shows but just remember I will be at a swingers party and golf tournament taking a lot of hot video and photos to share with you on the web site when I return. The dates of the cam shows that I will be missing are Thursday, June 25th and Monday, June 30th.

Take care and I will see you tonight at 9:00PM Eastern Time :-)

~Kisses, Allie
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