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Hi guys, I have a special live cam show this Saturday! �Why is it…

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Hi guys,

I have a special live cam show this Saturday! Why is it so special? you might be asking yourself. Well, Jake and I will be joining Brett and Sammy for some swapping action. You will remember Brett from one of my threesome videos and Sammy from my latest photo sets. The cam show is Saturday at 3:00PM Eastern Time on the Camz network. I know its going to a lot of fun so you dont want to miss it.

I also have a live cam show today at 2:00PM Eastern time. Oh yeah, Im going to add a new photo set today too! I have been a busy girl :-) Im really excited about the cam show on Saturday. I love to watch Jake fuck other women. The best is when Im the camera girl video taping Jake and another girl. I love to be the director! We will have a camera up on a tripod for the fun Saturday so our hands will be free to do as they please. If you are not able to watch us live I will be able to upload the video to the web site for later viewing.

I have a lot of things to do today so I will see you today at 2:00PM!

~Kisses, Allie
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